Multi-Channel Contact Centerstroke

Contact Center Benefits

Anticipate your customer’s needs to deliver better brand loyalty experiences.

The Medtel Communications Contact Center includes an automated call distribution system, but also it has the ability to extend this function to other media – such as email, web chat, web collaboration, and other multimedia capabilities.

We also include Interactive Voice Response capabilities working in conjunction with SAP’s, CRM and accounting applications to efficiently provide agents with customer information before any call is transferred. When a customer provides a reference or account number, a screen-pop is displayed on an agent’s desktop quickly with the account information of that customer.

Our upgrade program allows customers to upscale quickly. A simple licensing change allows customers to add more agents or applications on their system – seamlessly and intuitively.

Medtel Communications’ solution integrates with business application databases in multi-site distributed environments. The system enables up to 500 agents at the same time to view and act on relevant information – including recent business history, and real-time customer contact. Supervisors have the ability to control and adjust the staff based on their skills to address shifting calling conditions.

Customer Analytics
You’re provided with quick analysis of inbound calls and generated reports summarizing the performance of the system over a given period of time. Also analyze customer behavior with statistical analysis of inbound traffic.

 Instant Analysis
Monitor all inbound communication activities and graphically display a real-time waiting queue of customers.

Better Customer Relationships
Our graphical interface helps you connect callers to the right person quickly and painlessly every time.

Secure and Reliable
Protect your data with a compliant system that can also be configured to support your required privacy standards.

Our center fits into your existing environment and meets your cloud, unified communications and contact center needs as you grow.

 Rich inbound features,
built-in PBX functionality, mobility
and powerful development tools.

Serve customers wherever they are, 24/7,
with telephone connectivity for all agents,
regardless of their location.

Faster Routing
 Route inbound callers
quickly and accurately with
our advanced call center features.

Simple to Learn
It’s an easy Drag and Drop set-up.
Turn your new agents quickly into power users.

Our call center
software supports customer
service, telesales and help
desk departments.

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