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Security threats and attacks at businesses, government buildings and even schools have changed the world we live in. Unfortunately, those types of security issues could come at any time, any place. One solution that could potentially help is Medtel Communications SSA security phone system.

The SSA phone system can be activated by just having a phone’s handset going off-hook – you don’t have to dial an emergency number in a panic, or have to stay on the phone in a dangerous situation. After a predetermined delay of the handset being taken off or knocked off-hook, the system automatically calls your designated security center with a “No Dial” alarm. This makes the handset’s microphone automatically active, allowing the security staff to hear what is happening in that area. The alarm can only be reset from the security center’s panel – and putting the handset back in place at the remote end will not cancel the alarm. Your security staff can then investigate the threat, and/or call the appropriate emergency responders.

The SSA system also triggers security cameras. In the event security cameras are located near the phone’s location, the system will automatically turn on the camera – allowing the security staff to also have a visual of the potential threat.

The security system provides additional value such as preset alarm conference extensions; this enables multiple security and other personnel to be alerted of an issue at the same time in real-time.
There is a night watchman module – preset, timed routes ensuring that the guard is on schedule.

Field-tested security. For over 20 years, the Medtel Communications SSA security software has been deployed in over 140 locations throughout the United States. These systems are typically in mission-critical facilities required to have a 100% up-time security and communications systems.

The Medtel Communications SSA system can provide you, your employees and possibly your customers peace-of-mind with a technology that can easily and quickly notify security and/or notify emergency responders in threatening situations.

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