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Law firms expect and need their phone system to just plain work – all the time. Sure, every now and then every communication system has a hiccup due to weather or power issues, but avoiding those issues and the need to quickly get back up to full speed sets Medtel Communications apart from other company’s systems. Our extraordinary service and personal attention makes that happen, and is just plain better than other companies you might be considering. What’s more, as attorneys you are sometimes on-the-go, so we give you the ability to continue an exceptional level of service with your clients – because when you’re mobile, our Phone System Office Suite functions like it does when you’re in your office – making you accessible anywhere, all the time.


Seamless Integrated Mobility On Any Device

No longer do you have to be tethered to a desk – our system lets you continue to conduct billable time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, or a Windows or Apple OS computer, our special phone system app lets you make and take calls with your work number, access your contacts, as well as share files.

Advanced Call Routing

You determine how incoming calls are handled – a welcome message containing a menu of options for the caller to choose from and then connecting them directly to the appropriate department. Our web-based interface allows you to better manage routing calls to alternative numbers, mobile devices and voicemail. You can also create employee groups to receive calls from specific numbers, based on the time of day or call volume, plus route calls for after-hours schedules and locations.

Call Swap From One Device to Another

If you are on an important call with a client, but need to leave for court or another meeting, with our system you can swap the call to your mobile phone. Easily and seamlessly transfer your calls between desk phone and mobile devices and back again. Your caller won’t even notice the transition. Our unique call swap feature is one of our most popular mobile functions.

Recording Calls Are a Snap

Our Office Suite allows associates to record their calls in either an always-on, or on-demand manual mode. Enabling this feature, (secure and encrypted), is easily done through the Customer Portal and on-demand recording is quickly initiated with just the press of a button.

Multiple Locations Can Be Unified

Now you can connect an unlimited number of locations, teleworkers and mobile devices using our Office Suite, which enables your locations to appear within a single management interface as a unified system.

Avoid Disasters With Business Continuity

Whether due to a power failure or natural disaster, losing your ability to communicate with your clients could dramatically affect your billable time as well as your client proceedings and relationships. Regardless of the issue, all of your phones and devices will continue to work as a business phone – even if your entire office system goes down or is not available, you can continue to make calls from your mobile device or laptop. Settings like Call Forwarding can still be changed within the Medtel Customer Portal so no inbound calls are missed. Thanks to Medtel Communications, your clients, associates and your bottom line – will never know the difference.

Video Conferencing From Any Device

Connect with clients and staff across multiple locations—as if you’re all in the same conference room. Experience high-definition video and audio, with rich details that enhance presentations and drive business meetings forward.

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