Mobile Phones, Tablets
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Keep communicating, wherever you may be

Conduct your business anywhere

Now you can integrate your employee’s smartphones and tablets with your existing phone systems – securely, easily, and cost-effectively. Employees can even use their own devices (saving you considerable costs), and they can stay connected from any location around the world on any network – Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or cellular. Plus, the Medtel Communications Mobile App provides the ability to keep business and personal calls completely separate.

Medtel Communications Mobile App

Available with
Medtel Communications’ On-Site and Cloud Solutions

Available with the Medtel Communications’ On-Site and Cloud Solutions,  Take all the functionality and performance of your Office Suite, with this intuitively designed smartphone app for both iOS and Android. Use WiFi or your 3/4G network to make and receive calls using your business fixed line number! Enterprise features come as standard.

Benefits of the Medtel Communications Mobile App:

  1. Use the functionality of your Office Suite on your phone
  2. Available for both Apple and Android operating systems
  3. Use your business fixed line number over WiFi or ¾G networks


Medtel Communications Softphone Download

Available with

Medtel Communications’ Cloud Solutions

Available with the Medtel Communications’ Phone System Solutions,The Softphone allows you to make telephone calls over your Broadband using a Windows PC, rather than using dedicated hardware. As shown, the Softphone is displayed on your computer screen and using your headset or computers mic & speakers allows you make calls similar to making a call on a physical handset. Take your office number anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Our Softphone:

  1. No physical handset needed – just a Windows PC, headset and mic
  2. Make telephone calls over broadband using your PC
  3. Call from any PC in the world – using your office number


If you would like a demo of how clever this software is, just give us a call at 800.434.8358, and we can get you going quick and easy.