Pharmacy Telephony Suite

Pharmacies are under constant pressure to provide better care to their patients and improve processes, all while cutting costs. With Medtel’s Telephony Suite, pharmacies can improve efficiency and reduce their communication costs by up to 60%.  Medtel Telephony Suite is easy to implement and requires less maintenance which will allow your staff to focus on what’s really important – providing exceptional service and care to patients.

Pharmacy Phone System

Cloud or Premise Phone System

Which type of phone system is better for you and your customers?  Medtel’s Telephony Suite can provide you with a Premise (onsite) or Cloud Telephony solution.  The systems are identical and have the same user interface.  Want to start with a Premise solution and migrate to Cloud when you have more reliable internet in your area?  Ask your Medtel Solutions Specialist how they can help you perform an easy transition without the expense of changing out your phones.

Improve Your Star Rating

We provide full integration with the most popular IVR systems.  And with proper IVR integration into your Pharmacy Management System, we can improve your Star Rating because you will be providing the best business communications available for your customers.

Eliminate Your Stiff Neck

We hear constantly from pharmacists that they place the telephone handset in the crook of their neck so they can access their keyboard, sort through prescriptions, multi-task, etc.  This produces neck and back pain even on the youngest of pharmacists and technicians.  The Medtel Telephony Suite offers a Bluetooth interface to your PC (softphone), our Arcata desk phones or your mobile device (smartphone app).  You can wear an ear piece or full headset and eliminate the need for a cord or a cordless phone. Let us show you how to eliminate at least one “pain in the neck!”.

Specialty Pharmacy Support

Do you need telephone usage reporting for your Specialty Pharmacy? We provide:

  • Time-to-Answer
  • Total number of calls answered
  • Average talk time
  • Abandoned call rates
  • Reader board showing active and waiting calls
  • Much more…

Call Swap From One Device to Another

Ever been stuck on a call and need to leave for the hospital? Swap the call! You can easily and seamlessly transfer your calls between desk phone and mobile devices and back again. Your caller doesn’t even notice the transition. Call swap is one of the most popular features of Medtel Mobility solution.

Quality Support

In the unlikely event of a technical issue or problem, our technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to take your call.

Advanced Call Routing

Do you have multiple pharmacies that require specific call routing that would greatly improve productivity at the same time it provides outstanding customer service?   You may need a Call Center to help you answer customer questions, route your calls to specific stores, departments or personnel, or monitor missed, incoming/out-going calls.  Seamlessly integrated into the Medtel Telephony Suite, it is a feature-rich application that allows healthcare providers to handle calls – and patients – easily, efficiently and professionally.

IVR Integrations

Our phone systems integrate with all major IVR systems in the cloud or on your premise. Once our phones are installed, our technicians test each and every possible outcome guaranteeing a perfect connection.  Calls can come in through our Auto Attendant or through your IVR.  Very flexible!

Click here for more information on Pharmacies and IVR Integration.

Quality Support

Medtel Communications has been in business for over 50 years and services telephone systems around the world!  We support pharmacies with 4 telephones and counties (government) with 11,000 phones!  We have very demanding large and small customers, and therefore are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to take your call.

Multiple Stores or Multiple Departments in One Store

Connect unlimited number of locations, teleworkers and mobile devices. Best of all, Medtel Telephony Suite enables these locations to appear within a single management interface as a unified system.

Vision™ TeleHealth & Telepharmacy

MedTel Communications has designed a telehealth solution to provide pharmacists with a complete package that can be tailored to their specific needs. VISION™ Unified Communication, a telehealth video collaboration tool, allows pharmacists to communicate to doctors as well as to patients, providing MTM to patients via Unified Communications.   We use WebRTC to create fast and friendly video conference rooms.  Invite one or many; it’s your choice.

Business Continuity

Whether due to a power failure or natural disaster, closing your facility – even for a few days – could have a dramatic effect on your business and patient care. Medtel provides the ability for every phone and device to work as a business phone, even if your entire office system goes down or is not available. You can continue to make calls from your mobile device or laptop while away.  Settings like Call Forwarding can still be changed within the Medtel Customer Portal so no inbound calls are missed. Your patients, clients, – and your bottom line – will never know the difference.

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