Medtel Communications
Customized Soft Skills Training

Medtel Communications offers a variety of Business Etiquette workshops. Focusing primarily on Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service training, we understand that the “voice” of your company and the attitude of your employees project your business image. We promise to enhance that image through our dynamic soft skills program!

Telephone Etiquette

Putting “Magic” Back Into The Telephone

• Learning Your Telephone System and Using It as a Tool
• Using Affirmative, Professional Language
• Screening Calls Properly
• Appropriate Greetings
• Managing High Volume Traffic
• Body Language and its Affect On Your Telephone Voice
• “Dressing” For the Telephone

Excellence In Customer Care

Enhancing Your Business By Motivating Your Staff

• Learning Your Business
• Developing a Positive Mind Set On The Job
• Becoming Passionate About Your Work
• Confidence Building
• Dressing Professionally
• Knowing The Rules & Knowing When To “Bend” Them
• Handling Difficult Situations
• Follow Up and Follow Through

Customized and Convenient!

All training is customized to meet your specific needs
Coordinated training in your office or ours to make it convenient for you and your team
Scheduled to your specifications to ensure no intrusion to your operation