What is Professional Services?

From a client’s perspective, the professional implementation of a new communications system is the single most important part of their purchase and service agreement. After researching endless options for replacing a business communications system, a business owner knows what the hardware delivers, what features are provided and what their vision for the end result is. Too often, however, the result does not match the vision.

Medtel’s Professional Services division is made up of skilled telecom industry experts who understand the importance of deploying exactly what your client wants and more! We truly listen to the “story” behind the sale and meticulously gather design information from the client to ensure that we deliver a system which enhances their business.

Professional script designers, configuration experts, experienced voice talent, recorded message on hold  and polished training are among the services included in the Medtel Professional Services offering. Our team guarantees detailed configuration, polished design, efficient training and thorough follow up as part of every system implementation.

Channel Partner Options

As a reselling Medtel partner, you will be trained on the Medtel formula for successfully implementing systems each and every time.

Once trained, you may choose to use Medtel Pro Svcs for all areas of  system implementation, part of the system implementation or simply use Medtel for our voice talent and greetings recording with a new system implementation.
It’s up to you!

Train The Trainer

Medtel communications strives to empower our reselling partners so they may in turn empower their end users. An experienced channel partner continues to sell just as a satisfied end user continues to refer business.

Our Professional Services division offers the Medtel Train The Trainer program, providing instruction to channel partners on our tried and true formula for success in system implementation with each and every new client. Let us provide you these necessary tools!

• Post Configuration Checklists
• Greetings Design/ Recording
• Number Porting Instruction
• Thorough Follow Up
• Customer Testimonials/Referrals
• Effective End User Training

• Professional Documents
• Design Session Guidelines
• Configuration Forms
• Welcome Letters
• Follow Up Letters

A La Carte Items

Medtel channel partners may choose from our extensive menu of additional services to provide to your team and end users. Included in these services:

• Customer Service Workshops
• Additional Post Installation Training
• Special Topic Training
(i.e. Number Porting, Design Session, Configuration, etc.)

• Additional Pro Services Training
• Custom Message On Hold
• Telephone Etiquette Training
• End User Admin Portal Training
And More!