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Small Business Phone System

If you are looking for a Small Business phone system, you landed on the right page.

We can help you find the phone system that not only fits your current needs, but has the flexibility to grow as you grow.

Here’s 3 ways we can help you reduce your costs and improve your customer’s experience of doing business with you:

1. Lower your costs and be more productive

Improve efficiency and productivity with better communications between employees, vendors and customers. Our technology can help everyone easily connect using voice, video and collaborative conferencing – which is an important part of today’s mobile business world. Using our expertise, experience and innovation, we can provide you with the best-fit phone system technology that helps you become more cost effective and competitive.

We bring together an integrated phone system that has cool functions like; emails and instant messaging on both your mobile phone and your desktop computer, plus easy-to-use video and web conferencing between phones, computers, employees, vendors and customers – and many more features that helps everyone in your business connect faster and quicker. To find out about more productivity functions our phone systems do, send us an email and just ask, “Hey, can you send me more info for a small business?”  That’s it – and a member of Our Team will send you what you need.

2. Future Proof Your Investment

No one likes to make a purchase decision for a technology and then a year or two later it requires serious upgrades or needs replacement to be updated. We have everything from affordable, entry-level telephones to sophisticated executive phones with cordless handsets. From voice and video conferencing units to expandable attendant consoles, we provide just what you need. Plus, our flexible, feature-rich technology can easily adapt as your company grows. Companies want a phone system that just plain works – so we insist that every new Medtel Communications product adheres to our highest standards of quality by undergoing rigorous testing, applying process improvement and utilizing best practices.

3. Modernize Your Business With Cloud

Many organizations are moving their applications and phones systems to “The Cloud”. That decision many times is based on how you want to control your company’s communications system. We offer On-Site Systems (non-Cloud), or Cloud-based phone systems. The advantage of our Cloud-based system is that you get new features and capabilities quicker, without any service disruption, by accessing one centralized software platform. This system provides all of your users, regardless of their location, the same experience like 4-digit dialing between offices and being able to easily transfer calls. Using our Cloud-based system also reduces calls and headaches for your IT department, allowing them to focus on more strategic projects. So for more information on how our Cloud solution can help your small business click here,  or shoot us an email saying “I’m heading towards the cloud”, and a team member will send you even more info about our Cloud-Based Phone System.

How a Contact Center can help you

Whether you have five employees or 500, your customers need to reach the right person quickly and painlessly. No one likes to be on hold, especially more than a of couple minutes – and that experience is tied to your customer’s satisfaction and the perception of your service. The goal of any contact center is to create a customer experience that enhances your relationships with customers and vendors. With our technology, you can create queues for different departments, provide real-time information so you can better know your customers to anticipate their needs and deliver experiences that build brand loyalty.

For more information on how our Contact Center can help your small business Learn More, or shoot us an email and one of us will send you even more info on our Contact Center and just ask, “Can I get more info on your Contact Center?”

Medtel Communications has phones of all sizes, shapes and functionality

Here’s a couple ways to choose them:

You have plenty of time at work and want to look at pictures of phones and then compare the functions and details of each – if so, just click here:

You are really busy and not into details. If you are overwhelmed with work, or are new to making a phone system decision, we can help. We’ll recommend the most affordable phone for what your company really needs – we will never sell you an expensive, sophisticated phone that you don’t really need or will never use all its features. We believe in being in partnership with our customers – we listen to what your communication issues are, and then our communication experts can recommend what phone system best fits your business needs. Just send us an email saying “Hey guys, give me a recommendation”, and one of us will contact you to find out more about your business so we can make sure your new phone system that is just the right fit.