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Alarm Management System


Notifications Before They Occur

Our alarm system can identify network issues before they occur – decreasing or potentially eliminating system failures. From a single point of control, you can monitor any device that is connected to your network including voice and data components, fire alarms and door sensors. On screen alarms and warnings alert and identify trouble areas and faulty equipment. Our series of remote agent appliances trigger not only when there is network trouble, but also provide proactive insight for fault detection and correction.

Many network problems can be corrected remotely, avoiding costly on-site visits. When on-site service is required, technicians arrive with exactly the information they need to take immediate corrective action. Response time and maintenance costs are both reduced.

Additional Benefits

Three additional benefits of our Alarm Management system:

  1. Lower your phone costs and minimize calls into your NOC.
  2. Protected your capital investment with vendor independent architecture.
  3. Our technology has provided multi-platform solutions for businesses for over 30 years.


No Alarm System is the Same

We can design an alarm system to fit your network size and devices. From smaller PBX’s or Key Systems that contain 2 communication ports, up to monitoring millions of messages and maintain thousands of PBXs, voicemail systems, IVR systems and network elements – we make sure you get only what you need. Plus, we have interconnectivity with other network management systems, call accounting, ticketing and many other systems. Give us a call to find out more.

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